Wholesale Fruit and Veg Brisbane

Wholesale Fruit and Veg Brisbane

As the trusted fruit and veg supplier for Brisbane and beyond, GE are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products seven days a week.

GE, under the brands Suncoast Fresh and Fruitlink, source fruits and vegetables from local growers and trusted interstate suppliers to ensure freshness and quality every time.

Whether you’re a restaurant, café, hotel chain, independent retailer, airline, grocery store, age care home, correctional facility, or catering service, you can rely on us to supply you with the best of the best.

Our Brands

High Quality Fruit & Veg

Producing high-quality fruit and vegetables starts with healthy soil and a deep understanding of farming practices. That’s why GE has cultivated reliable connections with farmers who have spent decades nurturing and perfecting their craft.

The commitment to quality begins at the source – with our trusted farming partners who share the dedication to excellence.

At Fruitlink, you can consistently count on top-notch fruit, vegetables, and everyday grocery essentials. Conversely, our Suncoast Fresh brand provides various grades of produce tailored to suit specific dish requirements. This concept, known as “product for purpose,” recognises that while the finest-looking strawberries might not be necessary for gelato, they would be indispensable if used as garnish.
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